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Terms of condition

music in passion

Why terms of condition? 

Please, we hope for your understanding like that, the terms will be save you and us to work together in area where we can feel free and useful. It is important to know, there is no job, it´s a free collaboration project between us with same rights for booth partners. There is no costs about our teamwork, you’ll never must be pay any about us!!  🙂 NEVER!!

But we assume you’re understand, the song files where you get, to build a vocal and lyric line, are saved by us… That’s our own composes and productions by our producers. 

You’re not qualified to send our demos and playback Mixdown to other people or social devices!!  Also we give you the guarantee about the using your voice and vocal/lyric only in our own productions!! We never will share your work in world wide web!! 

What’s the target? 

We want release our songs with you together, by a label like own or some bigger stuff. We are connected to many independent music labels in Germany where we can release our songs… You’re not signed by us (if you wish that, we can do, but the terms are more harder like this 😂) 

You should to know, we are in first a fun project with serious intentions, we work together to build a futured project to go out with our music. Worldwide! If we finish a song and we think is releasable, we will try all to bring our song by the best possible publisher for an official release. 

Btw, for our producers are the financial no target, we are real musicians, no financial account manager. The important for us, to release our music by the best way and build up a publicity. But if we earn some with our stuff, you can be sure, you will earn with us. (If we can build a bigger project with you, maybe as an live act or more, you are the main head of the publicity and will be managed by TraceMusic! But this future is to far for now 😂 ). 

Who we are? 

We’re 3 music producers in many genres of music. The first is Jan Trace (41), music producer and DJ in many genres and CEO/Manager of Trace Music, an small music company and independent label. The second is „Discoriderz“ (32), an musician and producer of many electronic music styles. Our third music producer is inactive in moment. If it’s important to know, we will tell you more about him, if your work will be collaborate with him. 

We all from Germany (north of Bavaria) near from Nuremberg. Our target, to build up connections to musican and Singer/Songwriters worldwide… We’re all no pros or celebrated acts, we are musician like you and looking for people who loves and like to make music. If we find partners for right collaborations it will be great, if not, also fine to know more musicians from world. 😎

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