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TMC – How to Register

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TMC ( TraceMusic Cloud )

How to register?
Thats so simple like easy, our Stuff will send you an link to the registration page, please visit this site to register with your email adress. We´ve deactivated the automaticaly registration by activation link. if you´re done with the register process, please contact JanTrace or wait some time, we will activate your account manual.

Step by Step

  1. Change the language in the top right corner.
  2. After that, switch to the register page, click on register in the login page.
  3. Fill in your email adress and password.
  4. Klick on register to send your data.
  5. Now it need´s time, the cloud is not for public use… It needs to be activated by an administrator. We will send you a notification or message if we have activate your account.

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